Vanoise Park protected animals poisoning suspected?

The case is as mysterious as it is worrying: an investigation is underway after the probable chemical poisoning of protected wild animals in the Vanoise park, dating back to March 2021, we learned on Monday January 31 from sources. consistent, confirming information from Le Monde. Albertville prosecutor Anne Gaches told Agence France-Presse that she had opened an investigation in April 2021, after the discovery at the end of March 2021 of the bodies of two wolves, then two bearded vultures, a protected raptor. According to the national daily, “ a dozen other corpses – weasel, fox, corvids, all poisoned ”, have since been discovered, a figure that the prosecution does not confirm.

The two wolves and the two bearded vultures “ were sent to the laboratory for analysis, which revealed in some the presence of lethal chemical molecules in the body ”, according to Anne Gaches. The animals were “ poisoned by insecticides ”, writes Le Monde. The investigation was entrusted in joint referral to the environmental police of the Office of Biodiversity (OFB), the Vanoise National Park and the gendarmerie. “ There was no arrest and the investigations are still ongoing ”, specified the prosecution.

“This is a worrying and completely scandalous phenomenon, and the State services are mobilized to prevent these acts, by checks obviously, but also by raising the awareness of the administrative and judicial authorities about these acts and how to deal with them. treat ”, reacted for its part the Ministry of Ecological Transition. “ The OFB is organizing itself to deal with this more efficiently, in particular via an investigation unit in charge of these files ”, added the ministry.

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