Cigarette consumption in France drops

Reports from LCI indicates that cigarette consumption in France has seemingly dropped and this is based on sales data that shown a decline in sales of cigarettes. Should this be seen as yet another effect of the pandemic on the daily life of the French?

While since the start of Emmanuel Macron’s five-year term, the price of tobacco and cigarettes has increased every year, this has not been the case in 2021, a crucial year for the purchasing power of the French. However, the year which has just passed was marked by a real halt in the consumption of cigarettes in France.

According to LCI, some tobacconists claim to record a decrease in turnover of 30% compared to 2021. The chain adds that deliveries of cigarettes to tobacconists fell from 35.8 billion in 2020 to 33.5 billion the following year, a drop of 6.5%.

Alternatives rather than quitting smoking?

But anti-smoking associations fear that these figures reflect new practices among tobacco users, such as heated tobacco, or even shisha tobacco, rather than a dramatic drop.

“For the moment, it is a tiny part of consumption, affirms Gérard Audureau, president of the association DNF-Demain will be non-smoker. But we must be extremely wary of them and ensure that there is not a complete diversion towards these products, especially since it is led by tobacco industries which know their trade perfectly. Furthermore, many smokers have turned to electronic cigarettes, which are nowhere near as beneficial as stopping all forms of smoking altogether.

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